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Lotus is a non-profit organization that operates under the aegis of The Portland Trust, which aims to promote the economic development of the social periphery in Israel via programs that integrate under-represented youngsters into the hi-tech industry. Lotus is an NGO established to address about 400 young orthodox Druze women, who live in the Israeli periphery and: 

  • Graduated (mostly with excellence) from science tracks in the Israeli education system.

  • Speak fluent Hebrew and very good English. 

  • Are not allowed, due to traditional and religious practice, to drive, work or study in academic institutions outside of the village boundaries.

  • Are highly ambitious, devoted and capable, eager to further their education and work in high-demanding hi-tech sector jobs in Israel.

The heavy restrictions due to traditional cultural and religious expectations perpetuate a reality in which hundreds of talented, ambitious and diligent women lack the opportunity to even dream about fulfilling their futures. For many of them, their day to day reality, even after graduating high school with high marks, is working in a grocery store or other small business in the village, earning a salary significantly below minimum wage. 

Lotus was founded to change this reality and bring them front of the stage. Broadly, for the first time in the history of the Druze culture, Druze Orthodox women are being allowed the opportunity to realize their dreams and truly provide for themselves and their families.

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