Lotus Programs

We offer one-year program, for which women are selected based on their self-abilities, motivation and high-school achievements. The women's age range is between 18-31, and some are mothers. Lotus runs two cycles per year, with twenty participants in each cycle. According to
its success, a second branch will be established in the Galilei Druze villages as well.


The program includes: 

  • Full-Stack Web Development training program: coding boot camp of 640 hours, a pre-course, and additional “soft” skills training. 

  • Quality, gender-protected working space in Lotus center.\

  • Daily OJT (On Job Training) and support, provided by experienced development team leaders who will work full time in Lotus center. 

  • Quality employment opportunities within the Israeli hi-tech sector: The Portland Trust has built a sustainable business model for the employers, and recruits’ employers to the project (Amdocs, Radcom, Oranbit, Netafim and more).

  • · Supporting personal and professional communities that will enable the women to express their abilities and flourish economically, professionally and personally.